July 31, 2010

Interesting Readings – Week 30

A very good collection on Business Week for budding Entrepreneurs and Wannapreneurs (want-to-be-entrepreneurs) on Business Education Basics. Look out for the free online courses from SBA.

An interesting article on customer engagement by Pradeep Chopra on Wall Street Journal Blog

A very good and inspiring collection of TED Talks about Startups on ReadWriteWeb

Clarify Your Story excerpt by Sramana Mitra. Set of comprehensive questions that one needs to answer before setting off on his idea.

Experiences in raising funds for a startup – an article on self experience by Venkat Subramanian

July 26, 2010

Interesting Readings – Week 29

July 18, 2010

Why I Love Tirumala

A week earlier I was searching for a place to go and chill out. I was searching for a secluded location in the state where I live in – Andhra Pradesh. Little did I expect that I would end up in Tirumala – the temple town of Lord Venkateshwara

A statue at the entrance of the Hill

When I started my search for a place, I had couple of preferences that I was looking for in the destinations: Affordable accommodation, clean food, safe even to roam in the nights, good connectivity and most important – where I can find some peace of mind. Whatever destinations I found in the little time I had, none of them satisfied all my preferences. But, then just when I thought I have leave for another state, I found my answer in the most unlikely Destination – Tirumala.

You have loads of rooms available on the hill – my first requirement met. Affordable and Clean food available round the clock – I had dinner at 12:30 in the midnight on my first day of stay that too freshly prepared dosa and Idly.

I try not to include religious aspect of the Presiding Deity in thLord Hanuman while returning from the Hill tope discussion. The Hill is full of people all round the year. It’s totally lit all through the night. The hotels are open for most of the day as I told you earlier about me having dinner at 12:30 midnight. The roads are immaculate. It is one of the very few destinations in South India and the whole of India probably where there is no public littering on roads. The footpaths are clean and on which one can actually walk. There is no problem of mugging at all. One can roam all around the hill at any time of the day without any fear. These are some of the things for which I love to be in Tirumala. 

I just sat in the temple premises reading books(ones which I took from Hyderabad), watching traditional dances and listening to classical music LIVE by some famous musicians.

I must admit that I wouldn’t have enjoyed my stay in any other isolated or secret get away than this.