March 22, 2010

The Phoenix



Phoenix – A Creature that takes rebirth from its own ashes. I was enchanted by this mystical creature since my childhood. How it completes its life time, burns itself up and reborns from its own ashes. A new life, a new beginning and whole new experience.

Little did I now that there will come a time in my life where I will emulate this creature.

Last two years were quite exciting from personal as well as professional point of view. I got to meet some wonderful people and made some friends for life. After this short stint in Europe.

Now, I am back in India trying to start afresh with a new career and a new life. So, what made me tell that I emulated the Phoenix? Well you may have observed that this is my first post again. Well, I lost all the data in my hard disk and to my disappointment, I even lost all the data from my backup hard drive (Now, I really hate Western Digital Products). So. here I am starting all over again. Also, Since I lost all the data from my hard disk, I lost all the documents and files which were part of my life. Luckily I burned all the photos onto DVDs just before the debacle. I tried to recover the data using Ontrack recovery software only to realize that the software was recovering junk data.  :(

So Why Phoenix? Because of new Career, new lifestyle, new blog, new data.

Getting ready for an exciting journey ahead.

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